Our Work

The members of Stabilizing NYC have come together to present a united, citywide front against predatory equity’s threat to affordable housing, in order to share and build on our collective experience and organize for collective action.  We are seeking to build tenant and community power, which will involve large-scale tenant organizing and education, legal action against predatory equity landlords, and city/state-wide advocacy to strengthen tenant protection laws.

Stabilizing NYC is mobilizing tenants and preserving affordable housing in New York City by:

  • Organizing and educating thousands of low-income tenants in buildings owned by predatory equity landlords
  • Training dozens of tenant leaders in low-income, rent-stabilized buildings to lead the fight against predatory equity
  • Winning concrete changes for thousands of tenants in predatory equity buildings, such as rent reductions and essential repairs
  • Providing legal advice and representation to hundreds of tenants in predatory equity buildings
  • Providing legal assistance to tenants living in foreclosed properties